When are Bone Grafts Needed in the Dental Implant Process?

bone grafting

Bone Grafts and Dental Implants: An Overview Dental implants have revolutionized the way we approach missing teeth, offering a durable, natural-looking, and functional solution. However, their success heavily depends on the quality and quantity of the patient’s jawbone. That’s where the bone graft procedure comes in – a procedure that can take place before or…

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Teeth Bonding Procedure and Maintenance

teeth bonding

Are you looking to improve the appearance of your teeth? Tooth bonding could be the solution you’ve been searching for! In this article, we’ll cover the basics of tooth bonding, including what it is, why people choose it, the teeth bonding procedure, and maintenance tips. What’s Tooth Bonding? Tooth bonding is a cosmetic dental procedure…

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Snoring Treatments that Dentists Provide

Snoring is a common problem that affects people of all ages. It can be caused by a variety of factors and can have serious consequences if left untreated. Fortunately, dentists can provide a range of treatments to help alleviate the symptoms of snoring. Doing so will improve the quality of sleep for both the snorer…

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All You Need to Know About Teeth Whitening

teeth whitening

Everyone wants a flawless smile, and what better way to get that than with teeth whitening? Many celebrities are using teeth whitening or cosmetic dentistry procedures, like veneers to get that perfect smile. Looking for a dentist in Bingham Farms? At Jamestowne South Dental, we can offer the best whitening solutions and other cosmetic services…

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Why Dental Checkups Are Essential

Why Dental Checkups Are Essential Just 64% of American adults are brushing their teeth two times a day. Dental cavities, tooth decay, dry mouth, bad breath, and gum disease are typical dental health issues that are underrated and commonly overlooked. (1) Experts suggest that 2.3 billion people around the globe are dealing with tooth decay…

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Do I Need Cosmetic Dentistry in Bingham Farms?

Cosmetic dentistry can make you feel more confident!

Most people think of dentists in the context of biannual cleanings or cavity fillings, but more and more often, people are seeking out cosmetic dentistry services to get their teeth looking as straight and vibrant as possible. Put simply, cosmetic dentistry is the practice of correcting misshapen, discolored, damaged, or missing teeth to restore what…

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Tooth Replacement Options in Bingham Farms

No one ever wants to lose a tooth, but it does occasionally happen. Whether that be the result of tooth decay, gum disease, or trauma, such as a car accident or sporting accident, teeth can occasionally become lost, leaving patients of Jamestowne South Dental Cracchiolo reeling emotionally and scrambling for a replacement. If you’re someone…

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How Invisalign Improves Oral Health in Bingham Farms

Invisalign Improves Oral Health

For many patients, investing in Invisalign mostly comes down to a desire to have a straighter smile. That is, after all, why most people go through the process of orthodontics in the first place. However, the benefits of Invisalign extend beyond simply improving the aesthetic appeal of a smile. Believe it or not, there are…

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Cracked Tooth Treatments in Bingham Farms

cracked tooth dentistry

There are several different ways for a person to damage their tooth or teeth, and when it happens, we know and understand the panic and disappointment that person may feel. Nobody wants to experience a cracked or split tooth, not only because of the way it looks but also because it can be quite painful.…

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