Smoothing Out Mamelons in Teeth

Mamelons, the small, ridge-like protrusions on the biting edge of newly erupted permanent teeth, are a normal developmental occurrence. While they generally wear away naturally over time through the process of biting and chewing, in some cases, they remain prominent and can affect the aesthetic appearance of one’s smile. This can lead to the consideration of a dental procedure to smooth out these mamelons.

mamelons in teeth

Understanding Mamelons in Teeth in Teeth

  1. Development and Purpose: Mamelons are formed from the fusion of three lobes that shape the tooth during development in the jawbone. They are most commonly observed in the upper and lower front incisors. While they don’t serve a specific functional purpose, their presence is a normal aspect of tooth development.
  2. Natural Erosion: In the majority of cases, mamelons wear away over time as an individual ages and uses their teeth for normal functions such as eating. This natural erosion makes them less visible or completely unnoticeable in adulthood.

Aesthetic Considerations

For some, mamelons may not wear off as expected or might be more pronounced, leading to concerns about the visual appearance of their teeth. This is particularly significant in a world where much emphasis is placed on having a ‘perfect’ smile, with uniform, smooth teeth.

When to Consider Smoothing Mamelons in Teeth

  1. Aesthetic Preference: If the presence of mamelons affects a person’s confidence in their smile, smoothing them out can be considered. This is particularly relevant for individuals in professions where appearance plays a significant role, or for those who are self-conscious about their smile.
  2. Non-Erosion: In cases where natural erosion doesn’t occur as expected, mamelons might remain prominent, prompting individuals to seek cosmetic dental procedures.
  3. Orthodontic Treatment: Sometimes, post-orthodontic treatment, particularly if braces are removed, the mamelons might be more noticeable. Patients may opt for smoothing to complement their newly aligned teeth.

The Smoothing Process

  1. Consultation: The first step is a consultation with a dental professional. This appointment will assess the individual’s oral health and the suitability of smoothing the mamelons. It’s essential to ensure that there are no underlying dental health issues that need addressing first.
  2. Procedure: The procedure to smooth out mamelons is relatively simple and non-invasive. It typically involves a dentist using a fine-grade sanding tool or a dental drill to gently buff away the ridges, resulting in a smoother, more uniform appearance of the tooth’s edge.
  3. Duration and Comfort: The process is usually quick, often completed in just one visit. It is generally painless, and anesthesia is not typically required since it involves only the enamel layer without reaching the sensitive parts of the tooth.
  4. Aftercare: Post-procedure, there may be some sensitivity to hot and cold temperatures, but this is usually temporary. Patients are advised to maintain good oral hygiene and possibly avoid certain foods or extreme temperatures for a short period following the procedure.

Considerations and Risks

While the procedure is simple, it’s crucial to consider the following:

  1. Tooth Enamel: The process removes a small amount of enamel, which doesn’t regenerate. Therefore, it’s essential to weigh the long-term implications of enamel removal.
  2. Sensitivity: As the enamel is thinned, there could be increased sensitivity, although this is usually temporary.
  3. Uniformity: There’s a need to ensure that the resulting tooth edge is uniform and harmonious with the rest of the teeth.
  4. Expectations: It’s important for patients to have realistic expectations about the results.
  5. Professional Expertise: The procedure should only be done by a qualified dental professional to avoid damage to the teeth.


Mamelons are a natural part of tooth development but can be a source of self-consciousness for some. The decision to smooth out mamelons should be made in consultation with a dental professional, considering both aesthetic desires and the health of the teeth.

At Jamestowne South Dental, we understand the importance of feeling confident in your smile. Our team is experienced in a variety of cosmetic dental procedures, including the smoothing of mamelons, and we are committed to helping you achieve a smile that you’re proud to show off. If you’re considering this procedure or have any questions about your dental health, we invite you to schedule a consultation with us. Let us guide you towards making the best decision for your oral health and aesthetic satisfaction.

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