All You Need to Know About Teeth Whitening

Everyone wants a flawless smile, and what better way to get that than with teeth whitening? Many celebrities are using teeth whitening or cosmetic dentistry procedures, like veneers to get that perfect smile.

Looking for a dentist in Bingham Farms? At Jamestowne South Dental, we can offer the best whitening solutions and other cosmetic services so that you can show off those pearly whites. Here is all you need to know about getting your teeth professionally whitened.  

Why should you get your teeth whitened?

According to research, more complex and severe stains are best lightened professionally. If you have mildly stained teeth, then you can use over-the-counter products. While the results vary from person to person, you can notice a difference when the teeth are 1 to 2 shades lighter. In many cases, the end results can be 3 to 7 shades lighter.

Professional teeth whitening can remove extrinsic and intrinsic stains. Extrinsic is a superficial type of discoloration that occurs on the outer layer of the enamel or tooth. They can include stains from cigarettes, wine, carbonated drinks, coffee, etc.

Even though extrinsic stains are on the outside, they can’t be removed with regular brushing. Intrinsic are stains that develop under the surface of the tooth. A classic example of intrinsic stains is age stains. They are hard to be removed but can be whitened. In-office whitening can penetrate the outer layer and brighten the dentin discoloration.

Does teeth whitening damage your teeth?

You can develop temporary teeth or gum sensitivity when you use at-home whitening products. They can lead to enamel damage. This doesn’t mean you have long-term tooth damage, but it does cause some discomfort.

With an expert tooth whitening procedure, you can bypass unnecessary risks and get the results you need. Our dentist in Bingham Farms will make sure to apply the proper whitening agents to counteract the possible enamel erosion and manage the sensitivity.

How long do teeth stay whitened?

Teeth whitening is a temporary procedure that can last from a couple of months to 3 years. For the results to last longer, we suggest you avoid coffee, red wine, smoking, or any other stain-causing foods and beverages.

Does teeth whitening work on everyone?

In-office teeth whitening can correct a wide range of stains and discolorations. But, it may not work for everyone. That’s because the results often depend on the genetic makeup of your actual tooth. The type of discoloration can also affect the final outcome.

For example, yellow discoloration often responds well to treatment, while gray or brown-toned teeth may not become as white as you want them to be. It’s best to try the procedure and see for yourself.

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