An Overview of the Types of Partial Dentures

While there are countless numbers of people in the world with missing teeth, not everyone understands exactly what options are available to them in terms of repairing that smile to its former glory. The circumstances surrounding those lost teeth don’t matter; what does matter is getting the assistance you need right here at Perfecting Your Smile, where Jamestowne South Dental can fashion dentures for those who need them most.

We think of dentures as being a full, chattering set of teeth that get left on the nightstand overnight, but denture technology has come a long way, and sometimes a full set aren’t even necessary. For some people, partial dentures can do the job, and with a few different types of partial dentures from which to choose, Jamestowne South Dental can find something that works for just about everybody.

Partial dentures are a great way to makeover your smile, and Jamestowne South Dental Cracchiolo, Jr. can help with any of the many types of partial dentures currently available. Keywords: types of partial dentures

The Types of Partial Dentures

While we can put together full dentures for those who need them, there are five different types of partial dentures that help those with less severe needs. These include:

#1 Cast Metal Removable Partial Dentures

By far the most common type of partial dentures, these require that we construct a strong cast metal frame that will serve as the foundation for realistic, high-quality false teeth. They feature attachments that keep them locked into your mouth when you need them, but they are removable, which makes them more comfortable easier to care for.

#2 Acrylic Removable Partial Dentures

Also called “flippers,” these work in much the same way as the cast metal dentures but are built on a base of pink acrylic that helps them blend into the existing colors of the mouth more easily. They are attached to teeth with metal clasps and are often considered the most affordable option, in part because they are usually considered temporary until a more permanent solution can be applied.

#3 Flexible Partial Denture

For those who are allergic to acrylic or who simply doesn’t find the aforementioned two options especially comfortable, flexible dentures, made from thin, heat-sensitive plastic, is perhaps more comfortable. These also look more realistic, in part because the clasps match the color of your gums. Like flippers, these are considered temporary, but we’ve had patients wear them successfully and comfortably for years.

#4 Fixed Bridge

Bridges are not removable and are not temporary, but they still count as partial dentures because they are implementing false teeth as a means of “bridging” the gaps in your smile. False teeth are attached to a bridge mounted on nearby healthy teeth, making the new false teeth look like a normal part of your everyday smile.

#5 Implant-Supported Fixed Bridge

Dental implants require the most involved procedure, but they also look and behave the most like real teeth. Patients get a post surgically installed into their jaw, which serves as a false root for a false tooth that screws right into that post. They look and behave like real teeth, are durable, and are permanent, making them an ideal long-term solution for missing teeth. If any of these types of partial dentures sound as though they could work for you, call the front desk at Perfecting Your Smile to set up a consultation with Jamestowne South Dental today. We will help you get the dental care you need to fill in the gaps in your smile!