Can Porcelain Crowns Improve Your Oral Health?

Porcelain crowns have become a popular solution in dental restoration, known for their durability and aesthetic appeal. But apart from giving you a beautiful smile, can porcelain crowns actually improve your oral health? Let’s delve into this question.

porcelain crowns

The Health Benefits of Porcelain Crowns

Porcelain crowns aren’t just about aesthetics. They offer numerous health benefits that contribute to improved oral and overall health.

Repairing Damaged Teeth

When a tooth is severely damaged due to decay, trauma, or grinding, a porcelain crown can restore its structure and function. This prevents further damage and preserves the remaining healthy tooth structure.

Protecting Vulnerable Teeth

After a root canal or large filling, a tooth can become brittle and prone to fractures. A porcelain crown acts as a “helmet,” providing added strength and protecting the tooth from potential damage.

Preventing Tooth Shift

When a damaged or decayed tooth goes untreated, neighboring teeth can shift into the empty space, leading to misalignment. A porcelain crown helps maintain the integrity of your bite and prevents this shift.

Improving Oral Hygiene

Badly decayed or broken teeth can be hard to clean, increasing the risk of gum disease and further decay. Porcelain crowns are easy to clean and help maintain better oral hygiene.

Enhancing Digestion

By restoring the function of a damaged tooth, a porcelain crown can improve your ability to chew food properly, aiding digestion.

Jamestowne South Dental: Your Source for Porcelain Crowns

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