Best Foods to Keep Teeth Healthy

About 46% of American adults have poor eating habits. Their diet often has too few veggies, fruits, whole grains, fish, beans, and nuts. While it is packed with sugar, salt, and processed goodies. Children are doing even worse, with 56% having dietary shortcomings.

But, the kind of food you eat, can have a drastic impact on your dental health. Achieving proper oral health takes more than just avoiding cavities. You will be supplying the body with nutrient-dense products that can benefit the fibers, tissues, and mineral-based surfaces.

That’s because the mouth requires adequate nutrition to remain in tip-top shape. Knowing how foods affect teeth can help you stay on the right track. Here is all you need to know about foods for healthy teeth.

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Healthy Foods for Teeth

Your diet and dental health go hand in hand. Consumables packed with nutrients, vitamins, and minerals help promote better health of the tissues in the mouth. In other words, their connection is bidirectional. Poor oral cavity health can hinder your functional ability to eat.

So, supplying the body with all the nutrient-dense foods can come in handy. Want to know what foods are good for your teeth? The right food for healthy teeth and gums are:

  • Vegetables and fruits that are rich in fiber for better saliva production.
  • Black and green tea to prevent bacteria buildup.
  • Products with fluoride, such as fluoridated water, for better teeth health.
  • Dairy products like plain yogurt, milk, and cheese for more saliva production, rebuilding tooth enamel and putting back minerals in the teeth.

For healthy teeth, it’s a good idea to munch on some apples, carrots, celery, yogurt, and lean proteins. Protein can act as a building block for your teeth. Therefore, it can come in handy for normal growth. Especially in young children. But, it is critical not to go overboard with the protein.

One of the primary reasons American diets are so acidic is due to the excess protein. Protein can fuel the acid in the saliva. It is packed with phosphorus and sulfur, which can turn into phosphoric and sulfuric acid. This can eventually de-mineralize your teeth.

Unhealthy Foods for Teeth

There are plenty of consumables to steer clear from to have healthy teeth. According to research, an unhealthy diet is linked with higher odds of oral disease. It’s vital to know these foods that affect dental health. They are the typical bad guys for the increased dental visits. Unhealthy food for teeth includes:

  • Carbonated soft beverages with a lot of sugar
  • Starchy products, like potato chips and soft bread
  • Sweats, treats, and candies that stick to the teeth
  • Products that dry the mouth, like alcohol and alcohol-based mouthwashes

Of course, you don’t have to completely eliminate chocolate goodies from your daily schedule. Options like dark chocolate, especially those with over 70% cocoa can offer a plethora of health benefits. As long as you enjoy your favorite treats in moderation and brush and floss your teeth regularly, you can curb the risk of tooth decay and other dental health problems.

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