How To Combat Dental Anxiety

Does the thought of visiting your dentist makes you feel anxious? For many people this is a reality that can be difficult to cope with. However, there are many ways in which you can ease and even combat dental related anxiety. Below are tips, tools, and solutions for helping you overcome your dental anxiety.

1.    Be Honest about your Fears

Honest and open communication can be one of the simplest and most effective ways to help overcome your fears. Here at Jamestown South Dental, we want you to be confident and comfortable so that we can take the absolute best care of you. Being able to express your concerns will aid in finding the right treatment plan for you.

2.    Bring Someone with You

Support from friends or family can help ease anxiousness associated with dental appointments. Oftentimes, just their presence can help give you peace of mind. Even when they may not be able to accompany you during the actual procedure, having someone close by can help you feel safe and comfortable, and help relax you.

3.    Breathing Exercises, Mindfulness & Meditation

If you are starting to feel panicky at or before your appointment, there are some ‘self-help’ tricks that can help combat those feelings.

Deep, mindful breathing can aid in the relief of worrisome feelings. By repeatedly inhaling, holding your breath for a few seconds and slowly exhaling, you can help reduce the stress you may be experiencing.

Another tip to help ease dental anxiety is meditation. Meditating is where you focus on a particular object, let your body relax completely, and then consciously make the effort to release tension from your body, head to toe. This state of relaxation can help keep you calm and comfortable.

4.    Ask many Questions

During your visit, make certain to raise questions about concerns or discomfort. Our dental team is always here to assist you.

Do you want to know more about a particular instrument or procedure? Ask! Are you starting to feel nervous and require a break before proceeding with treatment? Ask! We are happy to answer any question, so we know what is best for you!

5.     Other Alternatives

If the above techniques don’t seem to help, there are other options to aid in calming your nerves at your dental appointments.

  • Analgesia – Analgesics are typically pain-relieving medications, some of which you can get over the counter. One of the most popular used in dental procedures is nitrous oxide or laughing gas and is used to help calm patients before procedures.
  • Anti-anxiety medication –For dental procedures, some dentists may prescribe an anti-anxiety medication before a procedure. These are fast acting and are taken prior to your appointment.

The Bottom Line

Here at Jamestowne South Dental, we are here to calm your fears, make you feel comfortable, and put you at ease, all while determining the best treatment plan for you. It’s our commitment to you and your dental health. For more information about dental anxiety or to schedule an appointment, call us at (248)433-6000.