Cracked Tooth Treatments in Bingham Farms

There are several different ways for a person to damage their tooth or teeth, and when it happens, we know and understand the panic and disappointment that person may feel. Nobody wants to experience a cracked or split tooth, not only because of the way it looks but also because it can be quite painful. Thankfully, Jamestowne South Dental and his highly-trained staff of professionals at Perfecting Your Smile have a handful of solutions, from dentures and dental services to porcelain dental crowns for Bingham Farms patients.

cracked tooth dentistry

How can Jamestowne South Dental and his team get your smile looking and feeling like new? You’ve got plenty of options, including the following:


If the crack is a relatively minor one and/or occurs on a tooth that already has a cavity, it’s possible that a filling will be enough to correct the damage. Not only are fillings a safe, highly routine practice here at Jamestowne South Dental’s office, but they also are effectively painless and quite affordable. Best of all, they can be completed relatively quickly and in one sitting. Often, this is a best-case scenario for healing minor tooth traumas quickly and effectively.

Porcelain Dental Crowns

Jamestowne South Dental also specializes in porcelain dental crowns, which are effective in covering the entire cracked or damaged portion of the tooth. Sometimes, this may be preceded by a root canal if the pulp inside your teeth grows infected or too painful, but the result is the same: your dentist can craft a lifelike, durable crown that matches the color and texture of the rest of your teeth flawlessly. These crowns simply slide over the old damaged tooth and adhere into place, making your smile look like new.

Dental Veneers

Like dental crowns, veneers look and act the same as the rest of your teeth, including color-matching to completely revive your smile. The difference is that veneers are slim, custom-made shells that are adhered to the front of a tooth to keep a crack from getting worse. If you’ve been feeling self-conscious after your tooth damage, veneers are a safe, common, and effective way to go.

Dental Bonding

This option serves as a fast and effective way to restore your tooth, as Jamestowne South Dental simply must apply a tooth-colored resin material to the affected area and shape it to look and act like any other tooth in your mouth. The speed of the procedure is a huge advantage, as it typically only takes about 30-60 minutes per tooth. Plus, it’s affordable—another reason to consider this for chipped or cracked teeth.

Partial/Full Dentures

While dentures themselves aren’t a solution to chipped or damaged teeth, they are an option if Jamestowne South Dental decides the tooth is unsavable. False teeth look more realistic and behave more naturally than they ever have before, making them a wonderful solution for someone dealing with a potential loss of teeth.

Repairing Your Damaged Teeth with Jamestowne South Dental

If you’ve got cracked or split teeth and want to talk through your treatment options, make an appointment with Jamestowne South Dental today. Cosmetic dentistry is one of his specialties, which means he’ll be able to help you get that smile looking like new, no matter how badly it may have been damaged.