Dental Solutions for Every Bingham Farms Family Member

Here at Perfecting Your Smile, Jamestowne South Dental wants to make sure he is offering some of the best cosmetic and family dentistry in Bingham Farms, and that means providing appropriate dental care for the entire family. From toddlers to octogenarians, our office provides dental solutions for literally every member of the family, no matter their age.

In Bingham Farms, family dentistry starts and ends with Jamestowne South Dental, who provides great care for patients of all ages.

How Jamestowne South Dental Helps at Every Stage of Life

The following is a look at the care Jamestowne South Dental and his team can provide at various ages:

Dental Care for Children

One of the most important services we provide for kids is the back-to-school checkup required at certain grade levels for admittance into public schools, but that visit should be just one of many that helps us teach children how to properly care for their teeth. Cleanings for kids help their teeth stay strong at an early age, but we also can help with issues losing baby teeth and growing adult teeth, or with issues that come as a result of excessive pacifier use as a baby.

Dental Care for Teens 

For teenagers, the two big dental/orthodontic needs tend to be the removal of wisdom teeth and braces/Invisalign. While patients can have these procedures done at just about any age, they typically are easier procedures during the teenage years. Jamestowne South Dental can help with both.

Pregnant Women

Pregnancy can be a strange time for women in many ways, including in how all those new hormones can impact your teeth. For example, gum inflammation is more common in the third trimester, and plaque buildup is more prominent throughout the pregnancy. Jamestowne South Dental can offer antimicrobial mouthwashes to help with this, and your cleanings will be especially important during pregnancy.

Adults Under 60

Many of our regular patients are adults, and the types of services we offer this demographic are many and varied. From filling cavities to offering whitening treatments to crowns and veneers, we offer a little bit of everything. Jamestowne South Dental even offers sleep apnea treatment for those having issues with snoring. There are many ways we can help adults with their dental needs, from special circumstances to biannual cleanings.

Adults Over 60

Advancing age can put patients at risk for a number of oral health problems, including darkened teeth, dry mouth, root decay, gum disease, tooth loss, and many other issues that not only can cause aesthetic issues to someone’s teeth but can pose real health risks. Dental care for seniors helps us keep an eye on any developing problems and handle them appropriately as they come.

No matter your age, Jamestowne South Dental can help keep your teeth looking healthy in many different ways. The care may change a little as you age, but the quality of that care never will. In terms of Bingham Farms family dentistry, you will be hard-pressed to find a dentist’s office more committed to treating all ages than Jamestowne South Dental’s practice. If you would like to schedule an appointment, please do so at your earliest convenience, no matter how old (or young) you are!