How To Clean Clear Aligners

One of the most important benefits of SureSmile® compared to traditional adult braces in Bingham Farms is just how much easier they can make things for orthodontic patients. However, how to take proper care of and clean your aligners is important to make sure you get the most out of treatment and preserve the quality of your trays. If you’re interested in Invisalign in Bingham Farms, or if you’re already in the middle of  Invisalign teeth straightening and need a reminder about how to clean and care for them, Jamestowne South Dental’s Dr. Cracchiolo is here to help show off how to clean your clear aligners!

clear aligners

Five Tips to Care for Your Clear Aligner Trays

1. Clean Your Trays and Teeth Every Morning

Patients are supposed to wear their aligners whenever they can, including at night, but wearing them for such a long stretch at one time can trap bacteria in the trays and on your teeth. We recommend taking the trays out as part of your morning tooth-brushing routine. Not only do you need to brush thoroughly in the morning, but you should clean your aligners with an appropriate cleaner (no toothpaste or scented soaps) and a designated toothbrush. Dissolvable tablets designed for dentures should do the trick.

2. Rinse Every Time They’re Removed

You should at least rinse your aligners with water every time you remove them. This rinses away old saliva and plaque to keep them from getting trapped on your teeth, and it also removes any food particles that could stain the trays themselves.

3. Give Trays a Daily Soaking

We recommend giving your aligners a good soak about once per day using an approved denture cleaner. Use your cleaning toothbrush (which should not be the same as your actual toothbrush!) to brush off any extra grossness from the trays before returning them to your mouth. One last rinse after all this will keep your trays clear, clean, and safe to use.

4. Keep Them out of Open Air

Store your trays in their case when not in use because leaving them out in the open air can encourage the growth of bacteria. Furthermore, leaving them out of their protective case when not in use leaves them more prone to damage and also increases their risk of getting lost or accidentally thrown away.

5. Take Your Aligners Out to Eat or Drink

While traditional braces have dietary limitations to avoid bracket damage, SureSmile® allows you to eat or drink anything you want—as long as you remove your trays before you do. These are not meant to remain in your mouth when consuming food or beverage, so to keep the trays from getting damaged or trapping food in your aligners, remove them anytime you intend to eat or drink.

Getting More Information About Clear Aligners at Jamestowne South Dental

If you are interested in SureSmile®, give our office a call to set up a consultation with Jamestowne South Dental. Our staff can give you a sense of what you might need, a timeline for treatment, and an estimate of costs. When it comes to adult braces, Bingham Farms patients are never too old to invest in their smiles. SureSmile® clear aligners are a great way to get your smile perfect, and their ease of care is one of the many benefits of this orthodontic option.