Invisalign Age Range in Bingham Farms

It is not an understatement to say that Invisalign completely changed the way people look at orthodontic treatment, especially for adults. There is a strong belief that only teens and pre-teens can pull off a mouthful of metal, but the truth is that plenty of adults can benefit from orthodontic treatment, as well. Clear Invisalign trays have made it easier for those adults to get the cosmetic dental treatment they need without any of the stigma.

So if the question comes down to whether a patient is too old to invest in Invisalign, the quick answer is, “You’re never too old for Invisalign!” In fact, adult patients can enjoy several advantages that come from orthodontic treatment later in life. It’s not just for teenagers!

Four Reasons Adults Can Benefit from Invisalign

1. Adults Can Still Enjoy Decades of Straight Teeth

The average life expectancy for someone living in North America is 77 to 81 years old, which means deciding to invest in straighter teeth even as an adult could mean there are still several decades’ worth of benefits to enjoy. Someone who opts for Invisalign at age 40, for example, could still have half their life ahead of them. The thought of being “too old” at that age with so many years left to live is the wrong way of thinking about it.

2. Straight Teeth Make for Healthier Teeth

Many people choose Invisalign because they want their teeth to look better, but straightening your teeth can have dental health benefits, as well. Often, people with crooked teeth have gaps where food can get trapped, or they can have teeth that overlap, making them more difficult to brush and/or floss properly. Straightening out a smile and closing those gaps makes for better long-term dental health, and considering how many dental problems older patients face as it is, making brushing and flossing easier is something we strongly recommend.

3. Self-Confidence Isn’t Just for Adolescents

We see plenty of adult patients who are self-conscious about the way their teeth look. Some patients have been smiling with their mouths closed for years, and others who can’t find it in themselves to smile at all. Straighter teeth can get adults smiling freely again and enjoying the boost in self-confidence that comes with a bright, lined-up grin.

4. Invisalign is as Convenient as Orthodontic Treatment Gets

There are so many benefits of Invisalign over traditional braces, especially for adults. They are removable, which means there are no dietary restrictions. Also, because they’re clear, most people won’t even know that you’re wearing them, which removes the potential embarrassment of boasting a mouthful of metal at an older age. The benefits are many, and the convenience of this orthodontic option can’t be matched.

If you are interested in talking more about Invisalign, regardless of your age, schedule an appointment with Jamestowne South Dental to discuss your cosmetic dental options. We are thrilled to offer Invisalign services in Bingham Farms for all patients, including those who may have mistakenly believed that orthodontics is only for teenagers.