Don’t Let Cavities Ruin the Holidays in Bingham Farms

It seems as though the holidays sneak up on us every single year, and it’s also true that November and December in particular can get very busy as we travel to visit family, scramble to buy gifts, and try to arrange work and school schedules in a way that allows everything to get done in time. With so much going on, it can be easy to overlook dental health, or to tell yourself that your toothache can wait until after all the holiday madness has cleared. Unfortunately, as Jamestowne South Dental will tell you, putting off dental care through the holidays can put a damper on your festivities, which is why he suggests preventative dental care for Bingham Farms patients long before the holidays get underway.

Reasons to Have Dental Work Done Before the Holidays

#1 Flying Can Worsen Toothaches

Believe it or not, some people can have tooth pain worsen once they’re on an airplane thanks to a condition called barodontalgia that is triggered by changes in air pressure. The most dramatic changes in air pressure during a flight happen at take off and landing, and those experiencing the aforementioned condition can undergo quite a bit of pain due to a loose or leaking filling, a deep cavity close to the nerve, or dental treatment that was too recent. The best way to avoid all of this is to give yourself plenty of time to have toothaches repaired before traveling.

#2 Dental Emergencies Far from Home Can Be Complicated

Most people have a dentist that they trust, but if your minor toothache turns into something much worse while you’re away from home, chances are good that you’ll have to find a dentist nearby who doesn’t know you or have your dental records on file before performing a procedure. Furthermore, there could be issues with your dental insurance, especially if traveling overseas, which means these unexpected visits can be needlessly pricy, too. To keep things as uncomplicated as possible, it’s best just to have the dental work done before you leave for the holidays.

#3 Even Minor Tooth Pain Can Ruin a Party

Anybody who’s ever had a serious toothache knows how all-encompassing the pain can be. If your tooth pain worsens while you’re at Thanksgiving Dinner or Christmas Brunch, you will not be having as good a time as you should. The holidays are meant to be relaxing and restorative, but they can’t be that if you’re fighting off nasty tooth pain. Why not simply have that work done beforehand so you can enjoy a pain-free holiday season?

The Best Time to Have Pre-Holiday Dental Work Done

All this said, the best time to have work done is two or three months before the holiday season. This allows you to avoid the worst of the rush and gives your mouth plenty of time to heal before traveling, even if there are unforeseen complications. While not all toothaches and cavities are so kind as to allow you this much time to make arrangements, the ones that do should be handled early enough so as not to ruin your holiday season. That’s why it’s best to call Jamestowne South Dental for general dentistry in Bingham Farms long before the holidays take control of your life in late autumn and early winter.