Five Signs You May Have a Cavity

When used in the context of dentistry, there is no word more dreaded than “cavity.” Thankfully, there are great dentists like Jamestowne South Dental, and sedation dentistry in Bingham Farms help make cavities so much less scary than they might have been a few decades ago. Of course, a big part of making things as painless as possible is catching the problem early, so the following is a look at some of the most common signs that a person may be dealing with a cavity:

#1 Toothache

It’s a tale as old as time. Once you start feeling that sharp pain in your teeth, especially if gets to the point where you can hardly chew or speak, there’s a very good chance that something is wrong inside your mouth. While it doesn’t necessarily have to be a cavity, serious lingering tooth pain absolutely can be a frontline symptom of one.

#2 Hot & Cold Sensitivity

Sometimes that pain comes in the form of hot and cold sensitivity, and if that sensitivity lingers long after you’ve finished eating, there’s a chance that you’ve got a cavity forming. Cavities occur when the enamel wears away from the tooth, and less enamel means more sensitivity to hot and cold on the exposed tooth or teeth. At the same time, that loss of enamel can be what leaves your teeth exposed to cavities.

#3 Sensitivity to Sweets

For the exact same reason, you come experiencing lingering sensitivity to sweet or sticky foods. This type of discomfort is also associated with the tooth enamel wearing down and can be undeniably painful.

#4 Tooth Staining

What might first appear as little white spots on your teeth could eventually transform into darker stains. If you notice this changing in visible spots on your teeth, there’s a chance that those dark spots could be tooth decay that has decided to show itself.

#5 A Visible Hole or Pit

If those spots worsen and become literal holes or pits in your teeth, you’ve got a whole lot more than a symptom of a cavity. The word “cavity” itself means “hole or pit,” so if it’s gotten to the point where you can actually see the damage, it’s time to go see Jamestowne South Dental for a remedy.

While all of these are possible symptoms of a cavity, Jamestowne South Dental also wants to impress upon patients that sometimes cavities burrow their way into teeth without any physical symptoms at all. You may a tooth that needs filling and may not even know it, which is why regular dental screenings are so important! If it is discovered that you do have a cavity and will require a procedure to correct that issue, rest assured that Jamestowne South Dental can and will do everything possible to make you comfortable so that you hardly feel a thing. In fact, if you’re searching for dentists that use sedation in Bingham Farms, Jamestowne South Dental is your man. Whatever it takes, he’ll get your teeth looking and behaving like new in no time, relieving you of your symptoms and getting you back to normal chewing, drinking, talking, and smiling again.