What is the Difference Between Conventional and Immediate Dentures?

While there are several different cosmetic dentistry services available these days, dentures remain among the most affordable for those who have lost multiple teeth. While many people consider the possibility of investing in dentures at some point, they often do not realize that there actually are different types of dentures: conventional and immediate dentures. Either can be an excellent option, but there are a few reasons why a patient would choose one over the other.

Choosing Immediate Dentures

There’s a reason why they’re called “immediate” dentures, and that’s because they can be made quickly so patients can have access to them as soon as possible. More than anything else, the major benefit of using immediate dentures is the speed with which they can be manufactured. They are custom-made, just like any set of dentures, but because they are generated so quickly, they may not fit as perfectly as conventional dentures do.

Another thing to consider when getting a set of immediate dentures is that they are meant to be used as a temporary option. Because they don’t fit perfectly, they can do damage to existing teeth and gums if used the way conventional dentures were meant to be used. As such, if you’re using these, plan to have them realigned and readjusted several weeks after the teeth are removed to allow the bones and gums to heal and rid themselves of some post-operative swelling.

Choosing Conventional Dentures

On the one hand, conventional dentures take a whole lot longer to fit and produce, but if done right, this type of dentures can last for several years. Compared to the temporary nature of immediate dentures, that makes these an excellent investment. However, if you don’t have 2 to 4 months to measure, mold, and fit your mouth properly for these dentures, you may want something you can access right away.

If you can wait, the pay-off is worth the patience. Conventional dentures can work in subtle details to fit your mouth and bite just right. It also allows the patient the opportunity to choose the size, shade, and shape of the artificial teeth, which is a product of having the time to customize them more thoroughly.

So, Which Should You Choose?

Frankly, it depends on what you need. Here at Perfecting Your Smile, Jamestowne South Dental offers dentures and dental services that fit the needs and budgets of all patients, so the first step in discovering which type of dentures may work best for you is setting up a consultation with Jamestowne South Dental. He will have a look at your mouth, give you an estimate, and walk you through what to expect for the procedure.

No two dental patients are alike, so it’s nice to have options for those in need of dentures. Whether you go with immediate or conventional dentures, you can enjoy high-quality dental care and friendly treatment from Jamestowne South Dental and his staff at Perfecting Your Smile. We know you’ll love the way your smile looks the first time you get those dentures into your mouth.